November 2, 2013

Just a thought

The fact that I’m going to turn 19 in two days has got me doing interesting things lately; things I haven’t done before, I now worry less about things and life in general and do not overthink as I used to, and I’ve even taken it so serious that I already consider myself as an old but mature person. I’ve learnt all my lessons throughout the year(s) as I always do and have put them into practice in my every day life and that’s also whay makes me a better person, everything is so different now, the way I see things is different, is like a veil had been lifted off of my eyes and a new perspective is born and even if these past days/weeks/months I never cared about my birthday nor felt oh, so-excited about it was simply because I didn’t feel that way, nor felt it was the right time to feel it, but now I’m beyond oh, so-happy and I’m waiting for that big day to come and what this year is going to bring me besides from lots of blessings.

Speak soon you guys!!! X

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