December 17, 2013

This year Christmas isn’t as “magical”

Years ago, I used to think Christmas or these holidays would be as magical as the first day of snow, but that was just a random thought I would think of when I was still a kid (We don’t have winter season here, so, to me it was beyond magical because of this) My family and I didn’t follow nor follow these traditions, we just don’t celebrate it, and we think it’s just a normal day as any other with nothing special to do, except for NYE, but that day’s my grandma’s bday. I could still think it’s magical because of the houses are decorated and there were lots of lightings in the streets, etc. As the years have gone by, little by little people have stopped decorating their houses, we think because it’s expensive due to the power and that’s alright, shopping malls have reduced their ways of decorating to simple adorments. This time years ago, we could feel a different kind of “environment”, where we would know December, the last month of the year, was already here. To me, this year Christmas isn’t as magical as it used to be, it’s poor in spirit, and it feels like it’s just another month where people are trying to not keep on following the same tradition over and over again, and they might leave and go on a road trip to somewhere else, seems like people are not giving it too much importance to it (here). The people, the days, the music, everything was really different, nowadays it’s just that “poor in spirit”. It’s not magical anymore! 

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