January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Now that 2013 already went away, and a new year has already started, it makes me think in a clear way what and how I want 2014 to be like. I said it would finally be my year and I’m beyond excited looking forward to it already, also, same as 2013, it’s going to be the year of positivism and challenge for me. I never make resolutions for new year nor I believe in these “traditions” because it always happens things that I never expected to and are so much better that if I’d planned it, that means it always surprise me, anyway I guess there’s always a first time. These are just a few I’ve been thinking about:

- Improve physical well-being: This is my first goal, I’m a normal “healthy” person so far, but there are a couple of things that are actually missing in my life and don’t do quite often, said that it means I’m just in the midst of being a healthy - unhealthy person and before doing that I know I have to have a lot of willpower to keep on going. So, what i’ll do is:

Eat healthy and better: To me eating healthy means, not following a diet, because that’s like a torture to you all, I guess everybody’s thinking about starting one now this new year, but it means eating in a healthy way without prohibiting yourself to eat certain things, you can sometimes give yourself a treat (e.g: eat a pizza, ice-cream, chocolate, etc) and you don’t have to be selfish with your own self. So, I’ll try my best to eat more vegetables and fruits, I’ve been spying some nice/great/delicious recipes found on my beloved Pinterest and that gives me the will to try it and see how it works. Also, I would like to try all kinds of (healthy) food!
Exercise more: I’ve always dreamt of joining a gym, or a pilates/yoga class but never make it there. I’ll start Uni in some weeks and on my first semester one of the main subjects is SPORTS! (HOO-RAY!) I plan on taking Tennis classes and I’ll try to stick to it as much as I can throughout my career! 
Drink MORE water! AND… I’ll try to drink a glass of water not just 3 or 4 fingers of water!

- Improve finances: I do not work, but I pretty much get a budget from my parents every 6 months, I sometimes use it for buying new clothes, etc. that’s the purpose of it, but I now don’t spend it all, I save it but the problem is keeping that money for so long it’s a hard thing, I’m not a shopaholic anymore, yet I sometimes spend it by giving myself some treats (e.g: like going to get a new haircut, nails done, etc.) anyway, it’s to start saving mah money!

- Learn something new: I love foreign languages and I might consider them as hobby, and now that I will start Uni, I have to learn another language if my English is approved, I’ll make it to German or French language throughout my career. Also, I plan on reading more articles, news and more books.

- Take a trip: No matter where as long as I can be home away home, and enjoying an amazing view, wandering around, eating delicious food and getting myself a tan by the beach or pool, that’s ok. I didn’t have holidays this year so, I hope in 2014, my family and I can make it to a new destiny or maybe destinies (?)

- Take MORE pictures! I got my camera for my bday but it’s every now and then I get to use it but I’ll try to carry it everywhere (I’ll have to use that big purse where it can fit in to do so) and shoot the beauty of simple things!

- Volunteer to help others: One of my biggest dreams has always been to help people no matter how, (donating clothes, giving money, etc). I remember thinking about if I were rich I would give all my money to help kids, and people that really need it and always dreamed of going to Africa and helping those people. So, since I have memory, when I was like 5-6 years, every one or two years I would give away the clothes I haven’t worn or only wore once or twice to kids, I have done this for so long till nowadays, also since two years ago, I have donated part of my money to a foundation that help kids and people with diseases, it makes me so happy to see them happy and see how many people give their two cents while contributing to this cause, I’ll keep on doing so!

I guess these are my goals, others I will continue on doing are: spending quality time with the family and beau, think positive, laugh and smile more often, keep enjoying life and don’t let other people’s thoughts and opinions get me down or sad…

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