by - June 22, 2014

Summer is already here and seems like I'm not enjoying it at all even though I'm in 'holidays'. The weather is still driving me oh, so-crazy and it's making me sick, I usually never complain about my hometown's weather but it's really been hot lately and I can't stand it no more. Besides of that, any time I open one of the drawers from my dressing table all my pretty bikinis yell at me and ask me 'When are you going to wear us?', seriously, I need some sun, sand, beach & a bit of tan on my skin as well.

Not to mention one of my destinations would be beautiful & oh, so-colorful Cartagena, why? Simply because of their beautiful and colorful colonial houses in the downtown, the weather, and well, the beach, too! And hey, this photo was actually taken in summer '12 in Cartagena as I was playing the tourist whilst strolling around its pretty streets and neighborhoods, and so, I fell in love with this window box of bougainvillea, dreaming about going back there oh, so-soon! Have a lovely week-end!

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