September 26, 2014

Going Ananas

While autumn has touched down in other countries, I'm content we still have Summer all year long, not to mention there have been a few days where it feels like you just want to stay in your favorite cozy place at home, in your pj's and watching tv or movies (cloudy and rainy days they are).

The pineapple trend was somehow this year's trend. When it comes to patterns either like these, or banana or palm trees and flamingos among others, I have to think, think twice, re-think and then think again, wondering if it's something I would actually wear as of first because I really like it and I KNOW I will wear it again or just because it's on trend, I want to have it and that's it! So, when blogger friend Audrey of blog Frassy had this collaboration with Flossy Style and then I saw the final result I knew I had to have these shoes, then she gave away these beauties and I happened to be one of the 10 lucky winners. The package took a while but it finally arrived some weeks ago, I don't even know how to describe their smell (yes, they have it) but it's just too sweet and also I've wore them a couple of times (see here) to go to University and even go out with the family, I have gotten some great comments about them from my classmates and friends. Also, they're so comfortable and easy to walk with them (another reason why I love them)

PS: I plan on doing an outfit post wearing these beauties but I can't promise anything yet, so I'll try to! (It's about time to post outfits, don't you think?)

You can catch me on instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest until then! XO, Melissa

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