September 5, 2014

Klaus Kobec Timepieces: Classic vs. Sport

 A watch is no longer just an accessory, just a fashion statement and it should also reflect your personality.

Classic vs. Sport: I've been a huge fan of watches ever since I was a kid if you ask me, in fact my parents and even my relatives or even myself would buy me one either as a birthday or Christmas present, since then I've collected them all. When it comes to timepieces, my style tends to be simple and classic, you know, 'less is more' and when choosing a watch, I think it also should reflect your personality and not only a timepiece but any accessory can add that final and perfect magic touch to your whole outfit. On the other hand, my brother who also took part of this collaboration chose this sport timepiece to match his sport & very laid-back outfit looks for the everyday and of course, add it to his timepieces collection.

So well, here we are, introducing you to our newcomer: Klaus Kobec, a brand that incorporates both vintage & contemporary watchmaking skills to create elegantly designed of high quality men and women timepieces as well as leather goods.

We're featuring two different watches, in this 'For Him, For Her' theme, that were all kindly provided by Klaus Kobec. I can tell you we had lots of fun shooting, my brother even asked me every single day when we would do this shooting but yesterday we managed to get it all done, it took me a while to come up with an idea on how to style and shoot these photos and after two intense hours in a row shooting these beautiful photos all by my own, here it finally is the result. What do you think about this guys?

Last but no least, I want to thank the Klaus Kobec team for letting my brother and I introduce you to their beautiful and luxurious timepieces, we're beyond happy with our watches and this is going to be my all-time favorite blog collaboration. Thank you, thank you again!!!

*c/o KlausKobec timepieces

- He's wearing this watch from Challenger Collection

- I'm wearing this watch from the Angel Collection

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