Pearls & more pearls

by - October 05, 2014

 Pearls are always appropiate. ― Jackie O.

Not so sure when my love and obsession for pearls became 'my thing' plus my favorite accessory, jewel, you name it! Probably, it would be all thanks to the video and classes I've been taught at University, especially the 20's and that movie about Coco Chanel, I watched last week as well, wearing two and sometimes even three strings of pearls! Whether these are real pearls or not I love the ones I own and will keep on owning. I simply adore pearls, if I had to choose one type of jewel to wear for the rest of my life, it would surely be pearls if you ask me.

Fashion is changing all the time, and so there are many different ways on how to wear pearls. These one belong to my small-ish collection and there are some still missing (another necklace, bracelet and ring) and while these ones might not be real, the price tag certainly was, and so here's to the love for pearls!

What do you think, should a girl own so many pearls? Do you own any? Do share of your thoughts in the comment box below!

Necklace: Vintage - Semi-hoop pearl earrings: Stradivarius - Double pearl earrings: Beady Boutique

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