December 10, 2014

New in : Black heels

As I've said like over a million of times, I'm focused on the 'less is more' thing and it's something I'm trying my best to stick to from now on. It's amazing how can one change not in a second but little by little, either for the good to be better or the bad to be just good, this has happened with the way I dress, my favorite colors now are black and white, including other colours such as gray, burgundy, nude and navy blue, oh, and also denim!

In fact, last week I did a veeeery huge closet clean out and pretty much got rid of everything I haven’t worn in the past year or two or maybe more (?) (with the exception of a few pieces with sentimental value that I just couldn’t bring myself to give up) and there’s still a round 2 awaiting. Since that day, my focus has been on adding some missing must-haves, like for instance, a pair of black high heels, and any other essential necessities we should have in our wardrobe (little black dress, simple white shirt, etc.)

Like most of my shoes, they all have their own story, these ones I got them last Monday, I never carry money with me around, but lately have had part of the money I got to save to buy some earrings, it happens that as I was walking and going 'window-shopping' I stopped by REVIEW store, and had a look and then, bam! My eyes were on these beauties, of course, the ones I saw first were in 'nude/camel' color but tried on the red ones but ended up buying the black ones, as they're so simple, perfect and match with not almost but everything! The story of these shoes, by this I mean their price, it's that they were on sale, their price was almost $130.000 but as it was on sale, I just paid $65.000 pesos, and it was worth it, of course I had to borrow $25.000 to my dad as I only had $40.000 but this really was a big SCORE! I LOVE SALES! Now, can't wait to go back and get those purses I fell in love with! By the way, how cute is their shoe box? Love it!!! 

High heels: Bamboo via REVIEW

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  1. Oh wow they are so beautiful and stylish! Love them! xx

  2. Lovely shoes! The box is adorable. x


  3. Really cool! Black is always super cool :)

  4. They are perfect!!!

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  6. Thank you so much Erica! Yes, I fell in love with the box, going to keep it to store some other stuff! :) XO

  7. Thank you so much Mikayla! Yes, totally agree, that's why I bought them right away after seeing them! :) XO

  8. Thanks Eleonora! Totally agree with you. :) XO

  9. Muchas gracias Alissa! Cierto que sí? No puedo esperar a usarlos en estas fiestas y para otros eventos por supuesto! :) Besos y que tengas un excelente fin de semana.

  10. Thank you so much Rafaela! Yes, I totally agree with you! :) XO

  11. i recently also just did a massive closet clean out!

    love the shoes


  12. nice! same thing happened with me.. i fell in love with minimalistic fashion in an instant! but haven't got time to really clean up my wardrobe..
    love your blog btw! <3
    please visit mine sometime :)

    love, agnes.

  13. those heels are gorgeous !!! love them !!!


  14. Stunning! I love when you find an amazing bargain, the other colours sound gorgeous too but these are fabulous and as you say, they'll go with everything :)

    Meg |

  15. Thank you so much Meg! Yes, I can totally relate that, I always look for a color that actually will match not all 100% of my wardrobe but maybe some pieces, you know that it can be 'wearable', mixed and matched! :) XO


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