November 20, 2015

Things to do on a Budget friendly

Living in B/quilla is not new to you as you already know that, the city itself is but at the same time it’s not that expensive unless we talk about clothes I would love to own one day, but there are affordable ones too. I for one am a girl who have spent all her 21 years going out with her family, not that pretty much with friends tho, so with the (expensive) holiday season coming up, I thought I would share with you a few things to do on a budget friendly, because yes, I have done lots of amazing things without spending that much, and I think this financial software will come in handy for you in this topic. 

Now onto the sharing of the things to do:

1. Going to the mall: You might go here to do shopping, but I go there to just take a walk, perhaps? That’s one of my most frequently visited places, never getting tired of it even now that’s already decorated with Christmas stuff so that kids and parents can take pictures of and they all end up happy.

- In this mall, we tend to either

  • Go to the food plaza? Have either lunch or dinner, as for food in B/quilla us people do not worry that much, there’s always a lot of restaurants in every single corner and hey, they’re budget-friendly too, or at least the things I eat are. Lol
  • Go to the cinema: In this mall, there’s also a cinema, we go here every once in a while, it’s not a frequently family date of us to go to, cinema tickets are expensive but sometimes affordable too, because depending on the hour you go, there’s X percent off and it gets cheaper the entry. But, thinking again is quite expensive, but what’s better than quality over quantity. ;)

2. A day trip to the beach: You might be asking yourself know, but ‘who is going to go to the beach this time of the year?’ I know it’s fall almost winter season over there, but I’m sure others of my readers are first, escaping somewhere warm this fall/winter and secondly from a place which is sunny and warm and summer, just like here, we have summer all year long, so going to the beach could be a good plan for you and your family and also for the kids because they’re already on vacations, you don’t have to pay a fancy hotel to stay in, nor even buy snacks, when you can homemade them and take them with you, yet you can spend a few pennies on a delicious seafood by the beach while the kids are either making castles on the sand and/or swimming in the shore of the sea and hey, everyone’s happy or it could be something out of your normal schedule, I did that this time last year and best thing ever!

3. Go to a museum: Many of us have been living in a place we haven’t known at all yet, in my case I don’t know ‘much’ about the city I live in, by this I mean going places like this. Last year I had the opportunity to go to a museum, it was amazing not only because it was for a University project but also because it was my first time ever and I did something I never have before. So, paying a visit to a museum every once in a while can be a good idea too. 

4. Go to a park and have a picnic: Parks here are looking better than ever, they demolished them and constructed them all with great things for the kiddos. Kids can come and play, go biking, etc and there’s this green part where you can sit and have a fancy picnic. This could be a great a idea for parents, moms can have a tea-party talk whilst watching their kids as they play together and have fun. 

5. Get crafty: I do not celebrate Christmas but I'm sure many of you do, and what better way to spend it at home cozying up and getting crafty by knitting a scarf, although if I'm not wrong this takes a lot of time, but I believe you can get it finished on time, also you can make an advent calendar or you can also make a handwritten letter to your lovely ones, we barely ever receive this nowadays because there's What's app and/or Skype, but it's not the same as a thoughtful and meaningful handwritten note that someone can keep with them and even send you back one too. ;-)

6. Watch the Christmas-sy lights: The city gets decorated in the mood of Christmas eve and what better way to also spend it b going to watch the lighting, not sure how's like where you are, but here they make figures of penguis, flowers, animals and other amazing things and get them decoared by LED lights if I'm not wrong, they always do this in a Boulevard where there's a park and people in their cars stop by to have a walk and enjoy it, also they take pictures of.

I hope you guys really liked this post because I enjoyed it so much preparing this brand-new different contect and had lots of fun brainstorming plus I have done most of these things, not necessarily you have to spend a bunch of money to have a great time with your family or friends. 

Disclaimer / This post was created in collaboration with Personal Capital, however all of the opinions expressed here are 100% mine. I would not have accepted to work on this project if I did not genuinely think it was interesting for you guys or if it did not make sense for my blog. 

Wish you guys a very happy weekend!

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  1. Mikayla St├ĄdtlerNovember 20, 2015 at 8:14 PM

    Ahh, this is amazing, I love it! What you said it's true, I've been living in Singapore for a couple of years and I barely know a few places. I need to explore this place I call my home now! And already on the crafty mood! ;) Kisses!

  2. I so loved this post and ideas, very helpul indeed! I'm heading to the beach next weekend! :)

  3. Thank you Camille! Happy to hear that, and yay but oh, so jealous, I've been beach craving as of lately. Hope you have lots of fun! XO

  4. Thank you Mikayla! Happy to know you loved this post! And yes, that's right. We should explore our hometown more often! Sending you lots of love! XO


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