Pearls are always appropriate

by - June 14, 2017

If I had to choose one type of jewel to wear for the rest of my life, it would surely be pearls if you ask me. It’s weird that even though sometimes I consider myself un-traditional there’s always something I like that’s traditional, classic, and even neo-traditional, you name it. A very young lady with also sometimes the mind of an old wise woman. Not so sure how and when my love and obsession for pearls became 'my thing' plus my favorite kind of accessory, jewel, you name it!

When I think of pearls, I teleport myself to the 20’s, I think of Chanel and I don’t know why the smell of that Carolina Herrera perfume my mom used to wear back in the old days many years ago when I were just a kid comes to mind, probably a classic one and loved the polka dot packaging as well, maybe just my kind of classic and elegance. Anyway, I’m not here to talk or write about fragrances but whether these are real pearls or not I love the ones I own thus far and I will also keep on owning. I simply adore pearls. 

Always a classy thing to wear in a very modern world we live in, fashion changes all the time, trends come and go and some are here to stay and be part of our wardrobe essentials and so there are many different ways on how to wear pearls nowadays. These one belong to my very little-teeny-tiny collection and while these ones might not be real, except for the necklace that’s real, the price tag certainly was, and so here's to the love for pearls!

What do you think, should a girl own so many pearls? Do you own any? Do share of your thoughts in the comment box below!

 in this photo: necklace: vintage gum tee mise en style tribal earrings: beady boutique, semi-hoop earrings: stradivarius  

Hope you guys liked and enjoyed this "new" post and series, I'll be sharing more similar posts to this one! ;)

Oh, and back to normal schedule starting next Monday! 

Until next time! Thanks for your comments and stopping by, lots of love! xx 

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  1. Love this photo and how you edited it! I love me some pearls as well, I would wear ropes of them and completely agree with you that they take you back to the 20's! Have a lovely day! Oh, and loved this new post series! xx

    1. Thank you so much Maria Paula! So happy to hear that! You too have a lovely day and also happy weekend! xx

  2. What a lovely photo! :) Yes, I own some pearls as well, they're a must, especially when wearing a LBD, you can't never go wrong with it! ;)

    1. Thank you so much Tuğba! I agree with you, that's so very Audrey Hepburn! ;) xx

  3. Definitely! Pearls are not only appropriate but a classic when it comes to necklaces and about the many ways jewellery is designed nowadays using pearls, they can pull off together any outfit! :) Loved this post, Melissa!

    Have a nice day! x

    1. Thank you so much Camille! I totally agree with on that! So true! :) xx


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