As a blogger I'm lucky enough sometimes to work with brands and be sent samples to include in my posts. However these samples will only be ones that I have chosen myself because they fit with my own style, blog content, I would buy them with my own money but above all, I would recommend one hundred percent to my audience. So, in the case they've been gifted, they'll be marked with a c/o and if it's a collaboration, it'll be stated at such in the post. 

Also, I am never paid to write / review these kind of posts nor my opinion will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship. All thoughts and views will be based in my own experience and I'll state that as well on the post. Honesty is the best policity.


I write reviews on about products I have bought with my own money and that I have used for quite a long time. I want to state that just because it worked for me, doesn't mean it'll have the same effect or result on you as well. I also do not intend to make you buy the product aswell. 


All content in this site is photographied by Melissa Cuentas, including the photos where I am in, unless stated otherwise. It is forbidden to use any of my photos without asking first for my permission.