For general inquiries, future collaborations please contact:

This is a PR friendly blog. I accept working & collaborating with brands and companies. I'm up to trying anything new that might be related to what I share here (see the topics page to find out) so, if you're a brand and you're interested in working with me, then do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll talk about it all via email!

Note that, I - most of the time - reject some projects because I genuinely believe that I might not be interested not even will be my readers and maybe it won't fit with the content that I share here on my blog. 

In the case that a post is a review, product(s) will be marked with a c/o and in case they're either a collaboration, it'll be stated as such in the blog post.

Also, I am never paid to write / review these kind of posts nor my opinion will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship, all thoughts and views will be based in my own experience and I'll state that on the blog post. Honesty is the best policy.

Please note that I take my own photos during the weekend so the post might take a little bit longer than expected as some are actually written in advance and scheduled also give me at least 24 hours to reply to your email and also, keep in mind the different time zone.

Being said that, as for reviews, I work to these timescales, they might vary depending on my current "blogging schedule" & weather, and the content / type of review I will work with.

  1. Lifestyle – 1-4 weeks: this depends on the item itself that I’m reviewing, this also includes restaurants/hotels too if Colombia-based
  2. Beauty – 1-4 weeks: from makeup items to haircare as well as bodycare, etc. I do love nail polishes too. Note that a beauty-product related can take up to 4 weeks for a review in order to test it to see either the results or reactions that can occur along the way.
  3. Fashion – 1-2 weeks: This one includes outfits, accesories, jewelry and more, so if you've sent me an item for this kind of post, this is the time it might take for the photos.