January 1, 2013

A New Start!

Finally 2013 has come and today is the first page of a 365 book, a new start and my own story which I'll start writing from now on. I'll write about everything and I'm gonna make it a great book (year), the best (seller) one. I'm not afraid of anything nor trying new things, every opportunity that comes my way, I wil ltake it, because it's all about risk-taking this new year, as always my story is overly long to be told but I'm sure that someday I'll talk about it proudly. 

This chapter is gonna be a different one, where I'll add some pure magic made by my own, I'll add unreal characters that nobody else will ever know who were except, I'l modify it to make it a good one and people will wonder how I did it. I'll use everything that inspires me the most, and I'll just let my imagination fly and work throughout 2013! 



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