January 24, 2014

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart ♡: Ever since I was a kid I’ve always thought that we all come here to this world with a big purpose, and since then I’ve always thought that this purpose has to do something with our dreams. We all grow up with the idea of doing so many things but we most of the time are worried about the “what they will say or think" thing, because of this that’s why most of our dreams are stored awaiting for us to take the plunge and give the first step. We become silence of our own thoughts and we care mostly about what others think and forget about us in the first place. . .

I’m the type of person who encourages people and tells them to follow their dreams, this is something that comes naturally from me, I love seeing people happy and smiling and that’s what makes me happy, too. But doing this for other people was something I never did for myself, because many people would tell me such great advices and everything but I was just always there stuck waiting for the right time to come on its own and ignoring every single negative comments that people would be making about my decision.

A new year has already started which means WE have to stop caring about this or we’ll go nowhere and regret it in our whole lifetime. Following your heart ain’t an easy path, but it’ll be fun along the way; it’s time to surround yourself with people that can bring out the best of you and ignore the ones who really do not, it’s time to do what you love so, follow your heart and dreams because they will lead you to your destiny.

I took the plunge and finally decided on following my heart, people say that you shouldn’t listen to you heart, but I say that sometimes we really should listen to it and even much more if this is attached to things we want to do, try and also are attached to our own dreams and passions, then we must do so, part of following your heart is doing what is right and what feels right.

Have you any idea on about what and how does it feel when you stop caring about what someone thinks and start doing what you’ve always wanted to? I tell you using my real life experience as an example, it feels like those wings you got since you were a baby and have waited for so long for you to take the very first flight are ready to take you to one first jouney of too many, you feel free but also you feel comfortable with your own self and you don’t have to regret anything in a future because of one’s opinion and you’re finally able to say “I’m glad I did…” instead of “I wish I had”.

If you have fear, don’t worry about it, feel it and do it anyway, are you afraid of falling down? then stand up and keep walking, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself because the road may be too long and time goes by so quickly to wait for someone to pick you up and stop him/her of following their dreams. Even if we might have our family & friends  by our side and supporting us, at the end we’ll end up just doing this alone because the rest might be doing just the same. :-)

Photo and words: my own

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