April 27, 2014

Weekend Reading

I rarely buy or read online, but I purchased this magazine the other day, I was having a look to all the magazines (in English and in Spanish) at the book store and you know what they all had in common (¿?) Yes, a bunch of ads. Ads on the first 60(?!) pages, I mean, it was ad after ad after ad. I was flipping through the pages to finally find an article. Boring stuff, yet different front printed magazines, online magazines can be much easier to catch up with due to they're updated every time and so you can find it on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. Anyhow, I loved this one so much (the cover just caught my eye), it has so many beautiful things to get inspired by, and many things to read and it doesn't have that many ads at all. SCORE! Now, every time I have some time off, I flip through its pages and it kinds of feels relaxing and perhaps a bit of therapeutic. Maybe, I can buy a new one some day again. Which one do you prefer, online or print magazines?

Some links for you to read. . .

4 ways to make sure your life matter by Thought Catalog: Wise words of whoever wrote this article, I can relate myself in all of those 4 points (ways) but I think trying No.4 = Unplug, it's not bad every now and then.

Beauty Tip of the Week by Glitter Guide. Just a beauty tip for your lashes to be noticeably curlier and that lasts for ages!

* Sometimes I just wanna throw away all my clothes and go onto a new style change but trying to find the perfect clothes for that style change ain't an easy thing, in the meantime I get inspired through my own Pinterest board.

* Been playing on repeat this song quite a lot lately.

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