October 31, 2014

Is The Bershka Nail Polish Worth Its Price ?

When it comes to nail polishes I'm very picky where do I get them from, I buy most of them from brands I've trusted for years but as I were scrolling down through the Bershka website and saw they got a new 'beauty' section over on their page I decided on to have a look and spotted they had make up and nail polishes, again, I barely sport dark colors but this time, this red color I had to try it, I immediately headed to the store, okay not really, but when I had the chance to go to, and bought myself this. 

Now, the price doubled, most of my nails polishes are between $5.000 and $5.500 almost $6.000 pesos, this one was $10.000pesos, now the question is, is it worth its price? The answer is yes, I tend to apply 2 layers of nail polish, it did last long like around 4-5 days without getting my nails shipped off, and best part was when I removed the nail polish, wearing dark colors usually tend to be a mess when removing off the nail varnish but this time was different and it came out quickly. I really loved it because of this. 

So to me, the price was worth it and the color is just way too perfect! 

Nail polish : Bershka

Disclaimer / All of the opinions expressed here are 100% mine. I've bought the item with my own money and I wasn't definitely paid to write this, I have even been using these product, loved the results I got and I thought it would be interesting to share them on my blog. 

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