December 13, 2014

Projectual's Day

A black and white series. . .

PROJECTUAL’S DAY - December 4th - 2014

Model: Daniela Velez
Hair & Makeup: Stevana @ Marco Polo
Styling: Melissa Cuentas - Maria Gómez
Photography: Melissa Cuentas

I didn't know whether to share this post or not, but after some days of reflection, I realized that I really had to, as when I first started my blog, it was an online diary where I would share all my thoughts and everything I would go through. After my blog helping me to discover what my passion was I promised to share all my little 'fashion' adventures. It's a pity shame that those posts no longer exists but somehow they'll be forever a part of my blog and me. And so, I decided to share with the worldwide net this project my friend and I were up to.

As you might know I study fashion design, and at the end of every semester we had to do something. We were told of this 'projectual's day' since the very first day of our 2nd semester, where everybody make some fun/crazy/unique projects for this grand event held at our University. We were told we had to design something but the teacher didn't tell us right away what it was all about.

As the days started to go by, we were told that students of 2nd semester of fashion design had to make a dress being this (of course) for women, inspired by street-wear, it should be urban and also it should communicate something. We would have to use experimental tecniques, decocreacion, and that our raw material was the denim. Every class we would show up with some information of all of this, to prepare us well before start making this. As the main topic was 'communication through dress' we had to design our own patches to put on it as well.

To make the long story a short one, we had problems with the making of it, but then, from Friday (Nov 28th) to Tuesday (Dec. 2nd), we had everything done and ready for the big day which was on Thursday (Dec 4th), On Wednesday we had an appointment at 1pm with the hair dresser to get the model (aka my cousin) her hair and makeup done. We left at around 4pm and headed to the nearest park to shoot these photos (which I actually took, by the way) after that, we went back to the hair salon and my friend and I got our hair done too for the next day. . .

I spent 2 sleepless nights in a row because of this, but who cares, I was beyond excited, nervous, and had so many feelings all at once. In fact, we were told that we had to pay someone to take a picture of the model in a location, you know hire a photographer, that would cost us a lot, and I decided to take them by myself, also, as the event was at 7am we wouldn't hire a professional make-up artist to come at my house and get my model her hair and makeup done. We didn't have the money or time to do such things. That's why when we go back at the hair salon, the hair dresser retouched my cousin's makeup and hair, so that she would keep it till next day. It was very challenging as she also didn't sleep that night, just an hour which went like in a blink of an eye. I didn't sleep, i was getting our portfolio and slides done.

The big day finally came, we arrived at University at around 6:30am, way too early if you ask me, it was just my cousin and I in an empty building with no one else. As the minutes started to pass by, we headed to the classrooms with our models and organised everything for that day.

 In my case, I was oh, so-relief, I bet designers go crazy or nervous, but in my case I was so calm and I knew something good was about to happen. I had all my positive thoughts that day that I forgot about my heebie-jeebies. My friend and I were the first to show our design to the judges (aka, teachers) and I can say I took advantage of everything, forgot of my nerves who have always attacked me every time I would talk in public and explain everything we did on this dress, from research to the very last final details. That also meant I have left my friend with a little-talk about of this, as she was so nervous and didn't know what to say. 

The judges liked our design as they told it was something actually made by us two and that actually made our day. So, I can tell that yes, it was an amazing experience, even if we spent sleepless nights, days going nuts and stressed out, it was all worth it.  Now, we're all anxious waiting for the call of which designs will go to a catwalk here and out of the city, and I'm just crossing my fingers to make that happen! Although, I've achieved too much in very too short time, I can tell you that every day I just fall in love more and more with my career, can’t wait to see what life has more in store for me! :)

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  1. Cool dress and amazing hairstyle and make-up!!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  2. Oh my God! Loved this, and happy to know it all went well! Wish you all the best, Meli! You deserve that and much more! xxx

  3. What a stunning series of pictures! You look amazing!



  4. you are so beautiful, amazing picture.

    If you want come to visit the new post on my fashion blog, here:

    Kiss from Italy.


  5. That look is so cool, I love the matching-ness of the dress + shoes. <3


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  6. hi Melissa... i like ur blog




  7. Thank you SO much Paola! Hairstyle and make-up were all 80's inspired! :) XO

  8. Thank you so much Mikayla! Your comment actually made me oh, so-happy, thank you so much! XO

  9. Thank you so much Jeanne! That's not me, that's actually my cousin, but thanks anyway! :) XO

  10. Thank you so much Nunú! That's not me, that's my cousin but thanks anyway! ;) Kisses from Colombia all the way to Italy! :)

  11. Thank you SO much Sera! My friend and I customised those shoes too and added some studs as well! :) XO

  12. Hey, I'm following your beautiful blog on bloglovin! Beautiful post and stunning pictures! x

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  13. Can't imagine that you didn't sleep!! Congrats for gathering this awesome experience! And my god, you look gorgeous!

    ♘ ♘

  14. How lovely is this?! I wish you all the best for the future! <3

    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
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  15. Thank you Stella! Yes, actually the last weeks whilst I were on finals, I barely got some sleep, there were days where I wouldn't sleep and spend it by staying up till so late getting all my homework done. It's tough but at the end all is worth it! :) XO

  16. Thank you SO much dear! That means a lot to me! ♡ :) XO

  17. Thank you SO SO SO much Camille! You're always oh, so-sweet! Your words/thoughts always mean a lot to me and it's good to know I have your support as well! I'll keep on sharing more of life and 'fashion' adventures! Thank you so much again! ♡ XO

  18. Wow, this is absolutely amazing! I'm sure a very bright future is ahead of you and I wish you all the luck with your future work.


  19. Thank you SO much Hana! Your words/wishes mean a lot to me, thank you again! ♡ XO

  20. Fantastic post! ♥

    Waiting for the next



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