December 31, 2014

Thanks 2014

 What it feels like the end, it's often the beginning  

It finally is the very last day of 2014, and today here I am sharing another post full of so many words, thoughts and feelings. I don't want to make it a long one, I just want to highlight some amazing things that happened in this AH-MAH-ZING year. Lastly, If there’s something I would say to 2014, it would be thanks.

Thanks for my making one of my dreams come true, which was actually make it to University after two years, first semester was tough and wanted to drop out but then, I did make it this past semester and did so well and so, I feel beyond proud of myself.

Thanks because I’ve achieved a goal of mine, which I promised I would make it this semester and would continue on this journey and now, I’m going to 3rd semester and just 5 more to go (that’s nearer than what we all can think)

Thanks because I got to know amazing people this whole year despite I’m always shy at first and even though I can write the longest letter, I rarely speak that much in front of people.

Thanks because I managed to control or should I say I overcame my stage fright aka my heebie-jeebies the other day at my final presentation for Projectual’s Day

Thanks because of my 20th birthday, I know I might be old but at this time I can say I’m more mature than what I was years ago and I know my 20’s will be my favorite years!

Thanks because I got to spend a very-well deserved vacation with the family.

* On blogging related, first of all,

Thanks to each and every single one of you and your support which always mean a lot to me!

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts which are sometimes uplifting when having a bad day and they make me oh, so happy and smile nonstop all whilst being at home with the family and getting weird stares from them.

Thanks for taking your time and stopping by here to have a glance to my not-so-secret-anymore ‘journal’.

Thanks to all the brands I got to work with this year, it was such fun but above all thanks for believing in me and my work as well, your emails really brightened up my days, and thanks for making part of my 2014!

Thanks to me, because I got to improve ‘somehow’ my photography skills and I know so many things happened this entire year but these just were a few of them, therefore many many thanks 2014. You were the best year and MY year too! Thank you!

Now, I’m not going to lie but I’ve been already looking forward to 2015 since a week and a half ago, kinda excited to know what’s going to happen and what it has in store for me plus there are some projects going on my head and thinking how can I make them happen. I just know I will work double hard to make them real! So, to all my readers and whoever just came across to this post, I want to wish you all a very merry and oh, so-happy new year, hope you all are partying & celebrating the last minutes or hours of what has been an amazing year, hoping that this new year brings you as of first health, then, happiness, wealth and success all wrapped in one. My best wishes from the bottom of my heart to each and every single one of you. I love you all and THANKS for being part of my 2014 book. Let's write the book of 2015 together, yes? Thank you again!

Love, X

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  1. This is one of the simplest and most beautifully written posts I've ever read! Looks like you actually had an amazing year! Can't wait to know what your new adventures for 2015 will be like! Wish you a Happy New Year! X

  2. I feel so happy and proud of you to know you finally made it! Yay! This is such a beautiful thankful-note post, loved the photo as well! And it's already new year here in Australia, so thank you for your wishes, I wish you and your family an oh, so-very happy new year too! Hope it'll be more amazing and full of great projects and adventures for both your career and blogging! BringItOn2015! Kisses!

  3. I wish you all the best and joyful to year 2015 ^_^,



  4. Lovely read, good luck in your last year at unit, happy new year x

  5. What a lovely writing! It was so good to be part of your year and journey again, it looks like you actually did enjoy it so much so did I. I wish you nothing but success, always supporting you from the other side of world! Happy New Year, love! XO

  6. Awe great post!

    Happy New Year


  7. awww.. this is a nice post! Happy new year! :)

  8. Thank you so much Mikayla! Happy you enjoyed this read. Neither can I! I know it'll be just amazing and better! Happy new year to you too! XO

  9. Thank you so much Maria Paula! You're the bestest friend! Happy new year to your and your loved ones as well! Speak soon! XO :)

  10. Thank you so much Michael! I wish you nothing but all the best, may this new year come charged with so many incredible things for you! :) XO

  11. Thank you so much Leanne! Happy new year to you too! Well, thank you but this isn't my last year yet, I'm going to start 3rd semester, here every semester lasts just 5 months, and my career has 8 semesters, so my last year of Unit is in 2017 and graduation is beginnings of 2018. Anyway, that's near, I can feel it! Haha XO

  12. Thank you so much Camille! You're always so kind and lovely, your thoughts always mean a lot tome. Thank you for you wishes, and wish you also a happy new year and all the best! XO

  13. Thank you Laura! Happy new year to you too! XO

  14. Thank you so much Rhea! Happy new year to you too! XO

  15. oh wow, okay! well i am wishing you a lotta luck x

  16. 2015 will be an even better year!!!!

  17. Thank you so much Megan! I'm sure of that! Yours will also be even better and amazing! ;) XO


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