April 26, 2015

Beauty Haul

 I like to keep my make up simple & natural!

When it comes to make up, I like to keep mine simple and natural, I'm not even a huge fan of putting nor even using lots of stuff, I don't know why. Anyway, I got these the other day because this semester at Uni I'm taking a 'seminar' which is about make up and all that stuff and the professor somehow made me buy these many things, some of them I already had them. . .

What I got :

1. Face Powder (Rice compatct powder) Cosméticos Vogue.

2. Face powder (Rice powder) : Jolie de Vogue

3. Blush (in bronze) : Cosméticos Vogue

4. Pancake (no. 2 - Gentle Beige)  : Max Factor

5. Rice paper : Palladio 

6. BB Cream (6 in 1) : Jolie de Vogue

5. Eye shadow (in Camel) used to do my eyebrows : Cosméticos Vogue

6. Waterproof Mascara : Jolie de Vogue

7. Blush and Powders Brushes : SP Pro

8. Lip balm and Lipsticks : Cosméticos Vogue 

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