November 4, 2015

21 Years — 21 Facts

 21 is the age of responsibility. Give it a few months and you will be wondering why you were in such a hurry to get here. — Unknown

It's my birthdayyyyy!!!! Exactly 21 years ago today I came into this world and after all the years of many ups and downs I still feel like a child from time to time, although for my age I'm so very mature and feel way older than just 21, hahaha and no, it's not sarcasm. My life as a 20 year old girl ended last night at 11:59pm, I have to say it was a good year indeed, so many amazing things happened that I can't wait to know what my 21 is going to bring me so, already looking forward to it.

Also, I thought it would be fun to do share of 21 random facts about me, as a get to know me better, perhaps? So, let's start. . . :-)

1. I'm proud to be from Colombia, I love, love my country despite the so-common stereotypes, they always existed and will ever exist but I can tell my country is much more than what you might think of it, for real!

2. I live in B/quilla the city itself is recognized because of its carnivals, I love to be here, except the weather that goes crazy and the heat wave gets just worse every time, but it's always warm and sunny with a few cold days aka rainy days. We're also friendly and you can establish a conversation with almost everyone.

3. Everyone in Colombia speaks spanish but we all have different accents, here in the coast, we omit some words and speak way too fast that you can barely understand, foreigners love it tho!

4. I love foreign languages, but only speak Spanish and English. I can understand a teeny-tiny bit of French, German and Turkish as in the writing part. ;-)

5. I didn't know what to study as a career when I graduated from high school in 2011, I started my blog that same year and thanks to it, I decided onto pursue a career in the fashion industry.

6. Studying fashion design was quite challenging to me, you know, I was going to study something I did not know about, I wasn't creative, didn't know how to draw, sew, etc. But two years later, I'm in love with my career and I have learned all that I didn't know and wouldn't change my life. Best decision ever.

7. I love taking pictures, I always have. I pretty much enjoy taking a snap of whatever I want to keep of as a memory.

8. My go-to motto is 'less is more' and I'm proud to say I consider myself as a minimalist, or I'm halfway there. lol, but thanks to my mom I found out my style ¿? :-)

9. I'm shy at first, but once you get to know me I can still be shy but I'm very talkative and we can talk about anything and everything all at once for hours.

10. I do not believe in horoscope, but as a Scorpio girl I can tell you that yes, I'm honest, the most honest person you'll find on earth, if you look beautiful I will say it, if you look not that good, i will say it. Probably I shouldn't because it might hurt people's feelings but I will say it anyway.

11. More about my personality, well I'm friendly, so so so easygoing, I don't worry that much I let things flow by, I try to be organized but I can't, I'm responsible, loyal, etc

12. I used to be materialistic but then I found out it wasn't that good to be it, so I stopped buying unnecessary things, now I barely buy something, hahaha.

13. I'm not scared of death, why should I? It scares me most the world and humans, but not death.

14. I love to laugh and smile a lot, I always am, I'm just a happy girl.

15. I worry about people and their needs, I always want the best for them, in my heart there is no jealousy, pride, ego, or anything like that, I was born this way with this personality but I think that's good.

16. I try to keep my life as private as I can, sometimes it's better to keep it all just for yourself.

17. My dream is to live in Paris or somewhere in Europe and travel around the world. Although, I imagine myself living in Seoul, don't ask me why but I can't get enough of that place and its culture and everything about it.

18. I also dream of being independent, can't wait to get my first job and get my first income, it would be fun, i'm sure it's there where real life is gonna start for me.

19. I don't like candies or ice cream, anything that contains sugar, it's just so disgusting to me, that's not my weakness so, if my future boyfriend is reading this, no, don't even buy me white chocolates those make me get a bad headache and no one wants that, seriously. And not only that, there are so many things I don't like nor eat, so take notes.

20. I've been pretty active this year, started working out and best thing and decision evah, getting healthy is the new strong and fit. okay no, I just made out that. hahaha

21. I think I have no plans for today, although I'm craving a chicken club sandwich but I'm not gonna spend my money or maybe i should splurge my money in this, or this or maybe this ? let's see how the day goes like. I'm off to do my homework now.

Wish you all guys have a great midweek so far. Lots of love to you all!

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  1. Happy birthday Melissa, I hope that you will have a wonderful day!! PS: You did it again (the photo) I love it!!!! Kisses, and my best wishes for you today!

  2. i love these facts, i feel like i could relate to most of them! especially number 9. i reckon myself as an introvert, i don't really enjoy being in the social spotlight. i will always have these walls around me hahaha. but when i do feel comfortable with someone i enjoy talking about anything, up to the heaviest things. :) btw i love the fact that you now enjoy a career you didn't think you'd be good at at first. i wish you well! :)

  3. I'm lateeee!!!! but, wishing you a very happy birthday love, hope you had a great day, my best wishes for you. loved the facts, you're such a beautiful person from the inside and outside. hope you can keep on inspiring many souls out there. love you, kisses!!!

  4. Thank you so much Mikayla for your birthday wishes! I did have a wonderful one. Sending lots of love to your way! xo

  5. Thank you so much Wynne. Happy to hear you can relate to most of these facts. Yes, I thought I wouldn't make it but things started happening slowly and I now love my career so much! :-) XO

  6. Thank you so much Maria Paula for lovely and kind words and thoughts and the birthday wishes! I hope so too, sending lots of love and kisses to you way!

  7. Happy birthday!! I hope you had an amazing day :) Thanks for sharing these fun facts!

    xo Kiki

  8. Thank you so much Kiki! I did have it and happy to know you enjoyed the fun facts! :) XO


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