December 28, 2015

In The City Of Eternal Spring

I mentioned it here and also on my Twitter, and yes, I went on a one week holiday trip to Medellin, aka the city of eternal spring. The place is just so gorgeous that I came back with my heart broken and now half of it belongs to this city which I hope to be back at soon again as I missed a couple of things on what to do and see. Back to the topic, the weather was just so good - so chilly and cozy - and I loved it but thanks to it I got sick so, I'm on bed writing this as you read. In other words, I fell in love with this place and now, I'll share a few things about it. . .

Hotel BH El Poblado, Medellín - Cra. 43 N° 9 Sur 35

For our stay we chose the BH Hotel - El Poblado, it was a good election since we had almost everything nearby us, like for example two shopping malls, two supermarkets, the metro station was 15min away by taxi, etc. The accomodation was good, as I was with my family we all decided to be in one room so we asked for two doble beds, breakfast was included but I would have loved more options than the traditional american breakfast on the other side food was good, they even had salads, snacks and more but I did not have time to try those! The staff were so so so friendly and kind that they even helped us with our city guide and recommended us what places to go to - as in restaurants - for traditional dishes and that was a plus because they were so right with their recommendations! The hotel is so relaxing and quiet, and it smells good, seriously! And the decoration, I love it, so minimal but with a explosion of purple and fucsia here and there. I loved it and I hope to be back there again!


Interior: 5
Room/Suite: 5
Food/Drinks: 3
Service: 5
Location: 5
*1=bad, 5=excellent
*Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to say this, I stayed in this hotel for a week and I love everything about it like I just said, so all thoughts and views are my own. 

 CC. Santafé, Medellín - Cra, 43A No. 7 Sur - 170. Avenida el Poblado

Like I said, this shopping mall was near the hotel, we spent most of our stay there, the decoration was very Christmas-sy like, very beautiful and it had a huge terrace to enjoy the view while you're eating, there are so many store from Massimo Dutti to Forever 21, that means local, national and international clothing brands, even though I spent a week there, I think I didn't get to know the place at all as it was so big so I guess I must have missed something. What I loved about all the shopping malls is that they're open, I mean there's no air conditioning like most do, like i said before the weather here is so chilly and so super good! i loved it! :)

Palacio de la Cultura, Medellín - Cra. 51 N° 52 - 01

With an arquitectural style of gothic revival El Palacio de la Cultura left me speechless, so much beauty not only outside but inside as well and it was oh, so picturesque, I so love it!

Free entrace* - if you go with your camera, they'll ask you for some details (name, camera brand, etc) they will give you a number which you have to show afterwards when you leave, so make sure not to lose it.

 Museo de Antioquia, Medellín - Cra 52 N° 52 - 43 

The museum is just crossing the street from 'El Palacio de la Cultura', the exposition starts from the 3rd floor and continues by going down until you reach the 1st floor, actually there are the permanent expositions which you can see here, mostly they were about Fernando Botero's as well as from others, here you can find my favorite ones. . .


Paid entrance* - Camera is allowed but do not use flash.

Jardín Botánico de Medellín - Calle 73 N° 51D - 14

If you're on the plane on your way to Medellín what you'll get to see from 3000-feet high is a huge brown-ish-green scenary, so beautiful. Nature plays such a huge role in this city since it's located in the mountains, yes, you heard/read that. So, we also got to explore the beauty of nature and went to the Jardín Botánico de Medellín, so much green and loveliness 'round, in this photo you can see the Orchidarium, the structure is 65-feet high. It is a wood meshwork canopy with ten hexagonal flower-tree structures that collect rainwater and shelter an orchid collection and butterfly reserves. It is so so beautiful. The garden includes a butterfly house, cactus garden, exhibition spaces, library, and pond, it has restaurants and a place for events. 

Free entrace* - Camera is allowed but do not use flash if you visit the butterfly house.

Parque Explora, Medellín - Carrera 52 Nº 73 - 75 

Parque Explora is also crossing the street from Botanical garden, here you can find an acuarium and many other things, they also have a 3d dinamic rooms where you can watch documentaries, etc. and they have lots of games too so that you make your mind work a little harder. PS: Yay, I helped Dory and found Nemo. :)

Pueblito Paisa, Medellín - Calle 30A N°. 55 - 64 

We also got to visit the famous Pueblito Paisa (aka Little Town) which is located on top of the Nutibarra Hill in Medellín. This is a replica of a typical turn of the century Antioquia town that comes complete with its traditional stone fountain in the middle of the town square and is surrounded by the church and rectory, the mayor’s office, a barber shop, and a one-room school house. Pueblito Paisa is an icon to the people of Antioquia (Antiqueños) since its inception, this attraction is a fun way to get a bird’s eye view of the city and surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as get away from the busting city below for an hour or so.

We spent actually all day there, and we even had lunch in one of those colonial houses which is a resturant, you can also find a food court as well as sweet treats and souvenirs located in small shops.

   Restaurante Hato Viejo Palmas, Medellín - Calle 16 N°.28 - 60

Last but not least, we were looking for another place to have and try traditional dishes of the city, that's why one of guys at the hotel recommended us this place called Restaurante Hato Viejo, I have got to say he was so right, the place was so calm and relaxing, and the food was so delicious, yes, I had chicken but believe me it was the best I had during my stay there. I definitely recommend it.

And that's all, this was a mini guide of all the things I did whilst I were on my trip! Let me know what you think on the comment box below! :)

Last but no least, you know where to find and follow me at instagramfacebooktwitter! Until next time, see you guys soon! XO, Melissa


  1. Beautiful photos!! <3


  2. Beautiful snapshot! Love it, and I bet you had lots of fun! How I miss Colombia so much!


    1. Thank you so much Maria Paula! I did have lots of fun, oh, you should come back and visit! Sending you lots of love and warm hugs from Colombia all the way to Australia! xo

  3. WOW! These photos are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Miriam! The photos are the memory of what it was such a beautiful place and experience and I'm happy to have captured that! ;)

  4. Beautiful photos! Great post!
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  5. these photos are stunning so basically now i need to visit. thanks for sharing!

    Kierra | lavishingg

    1. Thank you so much Kierra! That place is so beautiful that I miss it, and I need to go back there asap, you should also visit it someday! ;) xo

  6. I'm in total awe over these pictures. The structures of this place is beyond beautiful. Thank you for sharing (:


    1. Thank you so much dear! Arquitecture there in Medellín is beyond beautiful, I loved it! :) xo

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    1. Thank you so much Ana! I'm so happy to hear that! :) xo

  8. Beautiful pictures! :) I love your post a lot! It seems to be a great place!
    Xo Leni

    1. Thank you so much Leni! Happy to hear that, and it is indeed, so beautiful and picturesque all at once, best part is you enjoy and appreciate nature almost everywhere. :) xo

  9. Ohn, thanks a lot my dear :D
    You have an amazing photos! I'm in love. So perfect <3

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