July 9, 2014

Quoi de Neuf?

Doesn’t it feel good to get some fresh stuff in your wardrobe?

I must say I only go shopping once or twice A YEAR! Yes, I can still live/survive with what I have and own as so far plus I now buy things I know I really need and don't buy them just because. I've been longing, wanting, wishing for a striped shirt for so long, the only issue was 'what would the perfect one and where to find it?' if it was up to me, I'd buy all my clothes online but anyway, yesterday I told my mamma we would walk the entire mall and go to stores I've never been to! That's how I started walking faster, almost running, to Stradivarius. I'd never bought something from there as I thought it would be so expensive, yet I checked all the price tags as I started walking around the store (more honest I can't be) and prices were good, even though they were on sales, they were the double good. I ended up getting this striped shirt & a set of 8 rings! Also got a basic shirt in different colours because why not? Now, I know I have a new place to shop at!

Stradivarius: Striped shirt, Set of rings & Basic shirts.

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