July 15, 2014

Jelly Shoes

Jog down memory lane and take it back oldschool to the 80's and 90'. . .

♫ ♪ Craft Spells – For the Ages

I was not into these shoes, no idea why nor did I even think they were ugly, because they're actually way too cute (and the cutest if we talk in different colours aka pastels colours) I just don't know it. Then, as Summer started to hit us in here and I started browsing e-shops and stared at these cute shoes for hours thinking where to get them in my beloved city, I knew I had to have them. I actually wanted them in clear or blush-pink and heeled but these ones are actually flat sandals and perfect yet THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I'VE EVER HAD! Really, when I tried them on I felt like my feet were in heaven, they were 'literally' so happy and thanked me for that. Now I can't wait to wear them non-stop whilst in Summer!

Shoes: Wild Diva Lounge - Calzacosta  (Similar here, here & here)

Do you have any favourite shoes for Summer? If yes, what will you be wearing.

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