July 31, 2014


BQFW: Ever since I was a 'petite fille' I've always loved fashion week, dreaming of attending one in NY, London, Paris or even in Milan, but whilst waiting for that dream to come true, and after following my favorite designers in all of their social media, I always caught up with their live streams shows in front-row seat from home and the whole scenary (catwalk aka my computer screen) all for me. Then, things started to change in my city, they started helding fashion shows and I tried a couple of times attending those but never make it as I was busy with school until last year I finally attended my first ever fashion week. When I got the invitation as press (blogger) I was beyond excited, and I thought there's nothing better like attending a fashion show in your own hometown, well, there's something where you should start first with, right? I was so thrilled and took my beloved camera to take these amazing photographs which I still love and can't believe I took, haha.

Here it doesn't last a week but only two days, yet I got to attend the 1st one since the 2nd and last day I couldn't even get a cab and they didn't want to take me there due to the jam traffic, I'm not going to be late this year, well, I hope so! Also, not did I only went to this but all of the shows from Platforma K, early this year, and I got all the entries to the shows but I couldn't make it the first ones due to University schedule and because it was already crowded inside there, people in queue waiting to get in. It was a crazy but so much fun! I really can't wait to go back there, and I promised to myself to take some 'streetstyle pictures' as there are people who dresses just so well and whose styles I love and which I love to add onto my photography portfolio (there's always something to start first from, right).

So, tell me: Have you ever been to a fashion week? How was it?


If you follow me on twitter, you must know I tweeted around like 3 times in a row (here, here & here) which is actually a little blog update. I want to say that my vacations are coming to an end, and I'll go back to University on Monday (August 4th) and be a busy-bee again catching up with tons of work! I said to myself that it wouldn't affect me in any way, I know I can have a balance between my studies and blogging, and I know I can juggle those two. I love my blog and it somehow has turned into a little business for me and as the very organized person I am, I already have some posts on queue. So, as I won't blog so often, I'm going to start first posting every Friday, that means only four posts on August, if I think I can also blog on Tuesdays, then I'll do so starting up from September onward, but let's see what happens. :-)

PS: This is the last day of july and so I wanted to do a little throwback thursday since I stumbled upon these old pictures and wanted to share them!

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