April 14, 2015


 I try my best to enjoy it as if it was my last one day – words: my own.

♫ ♪  Ricardo Montaner - Time 

Watch kindly provided by Fjord Timepieces ft Dotta Watch (same but all-black everything)

Time is one of the most valuable things in life and worth of our own and also one of the few things I have not yet learnt how to use properly at my 20 years – and which I tend to waste it doing something insignificant, not necessary at all – when actually having a lot of other things to do and get done. Amazing or not, things happens us in a day every single day, our life is and can change in a second and that’s why I try my best to enjoy it as if it was my last one day and I keep track of those seconds of a series of life moments with my brand-new Fjord watch and turn them into memories that I might cherish some time later. Time flies so fast that we can actually notice it every year that goes by, leaving with a shadow behind us and memories in ours minds and so, we have to make the most out of it no matter whether it started good/bad and ended good/bad, you can still make it the best one because it's all up to you if you want to spend the last few seconds of your life being happy or regretting it forever. So make your time count and be worth!

I'm so sorry for my absence lately but first things first, (I mean Uni stuff is first) so to compensate you all, I'm giving 50% off in all of Fjord watches, you just have to use code: melissacuentas et voilá! Happy shopping, hope you guys are having a fabulous week so far! 

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  1. Mikayla StädtlerApril 14, 2015 at 5:18 PM

    I loved everything about this post, the song matched your thoughts (yes, i understand Spanish) I also loved how simple the photos are and I totally agree with you, time is so valuable that we tend to not spend it as it really should be! But I'll be from now on making it the best one! This made my night! Xx

  2. I love this watch, so simple yet beautiful! Also, loved this post, it isn't too sponsored at all, loved the fact that you actually shared a story with it. Oh, do more posts like this one, I love reading your thoughts/stories! ❤ Hope you're having a nice day/midweek! xo

  3. wow, beautiful watch!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  4. These photos are so pretty! Love the watch!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  5. Thank you so much Mikayla! I love reading your comments, they make me so happy! I know, right? it kinda did match a bit tho! ;-) Happy to hear that, i really think about it as if was actually my last one day, so it's good to spend it doing the things you love and makes you oh, so-happy! XO

  6. Thank you so much Camille! Your comments always make me so happy! That's what I really wanted to do, something different to a normal post 'review', and no worries, I'm improving my writing and will tell stories through my posts when needed. Hope you are having a fabulous week so far! XO :)

  7. Thank you so much Veronica! It really is so beautiful! One of my favorites and haven't taken it off since I got it! :) XO

  8. I've always wanted a watch like this since a long time ago! Thanks for the voucher code, and for sharing me this.

    with love,

  9. Thank you so much Vina! Oh, really? So happy to hear that, a simple yet black watch never goes out of style, right? Hope you really enjoy the voucher code and get one for yourself! :) XO

  10. Thank you so much! It is indeed! :D XO

  11. Loving it, so simple but stunning!
    Your Silk & Salt Team

    Instagram is for pictures, YouTube is for videos, Silk & Salt is for blogposts

  12. Awesome watch! They look so classy and preppy!


  13. Thank you so much dear! Yes, so simple yet too classy! :) XO

  14. Thank you Tanya! It sure is! Classy above all plus it never goes out of style! ;-) XO

  15. Geniales las fotos y el descuento ;)

    Besitos Kela
    Hoy hay nuevo post, Kimono

  16. Muchísimas gracias Kela! Un beso para tí, que tengas un feliz fin de semana! :)

  17. Nice post!


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