July 27, 2016

❝ And then I found happiness ❞

Years ago, I used to think and believe in that happiness did not exist, the only thing it did were happy moments, you know those moments where you make memories with people that surrounds you and all that jazz. But as the years started to go by and I grew older, I've become somehow wiser and have learnt so many things too, and finally, I found out that happiness exists because it's a choice and an option, so it's all up to us whether to be happy or not and how did I find it? Here are some tips and advices, mayhap?


We all get through so many stages in life, I've been at those since I can remember and sometimes I keep on telling myself that us, good people always get hurt or well, that's what I used to think, but I simply forgot about it all and forgave those people that did something bad to me and even those that bullied me at school when I was younger. 


I used to hold on to things, feelings, emotions, we all have it, call it jealousy, envy, ego, grudge, and so on, and these are the things that mostly affect us not the person who we hate or did something wrong to but ourselves. Believe it or not it does, you feel this thing and they're happy living their lives and they don't even know about your feelings and you're the one that makes life quite complicated, and that thing was not good for me, there are so many things that were unsaid but I couldn't do anything rather than keeping them for myself until finally having found that exact moment to let them go, all of them, and believe me it feels so liberating, it the best thing you can do, you can be at your own pace and feel good with yourself, forgiveness was part of this too.


My life is full of stories, a countless of them, and for each chapter / stage of my life no matter whether it was good or not, I've been thankful for it. It might sound weird, I know, being thankful for something bad? yes, why not. Mostly they're related to friendships, people come and go from our lives and I thank them for every lesson they give me when they leave like for example, I should be careful whom I should call my friends or who's with me because of simply interest - I still deal a lot with this one, especially at Uni, it doesn't really surprise me at all anymore, anyway I'm also thankful for being a healthy person, for my family and their support, but aside that, I'm so super thankful for my career, I think this is the cherry on top, but seriously, it's all been like a miracle to me, that's incredible to look back and then look forward and see everything I've achieved so far and the big things that are still baking in the oven.


I remember I used to be a shopaholic, I guess I can't seem to come up with another word for that phase of my life, it felt like having money on my hands felt itchy that I had to spend it buying things that ended up being unnecessary, I remember I even wrote a post about it - which was one of the most popular ones back then - but it no longer exists now - where I said that I had stopped being materialistic aka shopaholic, it was like something made me realize that buying those things were not doing any good to me not even spending all my money plus I never wore what I bought.

I've learned throughout the years that not everything in life is about material things, and I know of course we need money to pay the bills, to eat and so on, but sometimes money is not everything in life, we need it yes but it doesn't buy happiness, if not then why the more money people have the unhappiest they are, it's like a double facade and that lead to also buying things just for appareance and not for a need, I used to do that in my very early teenage years but not anymore and I'm proud of that, now I barely go shopping plus always keep this in mind : Do I really need this / that ?


I have never liked negative people, nor people who like to gossip or speak bad about someone else and speak about all of their imperfections like, how they walk, how they dress like, etc, when we know we all have our flawns and defects / imperfections, I don't like to be surrounded by people like that nor even those whose ego is higher than their height, it's something that puts me off and it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable, there are things that I don't do / share simply because that's not OK, okay? at least not for me, what will I gain from talking about / judging someone? Plus, I don't care who talks about me behind my back, I've never known who does it or has done it and I just don't care about it, and one advice for it, don't let that kind of thing go to your heart, because once it gets there, it's gonna hurt like a lot. I've been there too, and now, I simply don't care about it.

I tell you all of this, because we're friends and also because I've been at these stages of life too many times and finally I've learned all the lessons and because of all of this as you can see, this is how little by little I've not only learned how to but also how I have achieved happiness in my life and have got a balance between my emotions / feelings, I hope this can really inspire so many of you to have a happier life and a positive attitude towards it.

Are you happy? What makes you happy? For you, how do you achieve happiness?
Looking forward to read your responses in the comment box below.

PS: Excuse me for the radio silence plus changed the blog's name to my name! Lol! :)

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  1. What a beautiful writing and post! So inspiring for real! I think I should start to let go on things, sometimes it's hard to! Thank you for this!

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you so much Mikayla! It makes me so happy to hear that, and yes, sometimes it's hard to but at the end we end up doing it with one purpose and it's about feeling great with ourselves and these things don't do any good to us! You too have a lovely day! All the best! Xx

  2. I love the"avoiding negative people and their comments" part. Such an inspiring post. Thank you so much for this, I need this encouragement post today! Great blog you have, stay inspired!



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    1. Thank you so much Nerissa! It really makes me so happy to hear that! Hope you have a wonderful day! Xx

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ah we're definitely on the same page! Personally I think that happiness is an option and a choice, it's something that you can always achieve but you have to make that decision and not let the millions of things in your life that could bring you down actually bring you down. I love being thankful as well and having gratitude for everything in my life, that always gives me some perspective and makes me a lot happier :)


    1. I know right? It feels like we're so similar! Everything you say it's true and I agree with what you have just said! Thank you for taking your time to share your own thoughts! :) Have a lovely day and happy weekend! xx

  5. inspiring post!


  6. Love reading this great inspo post!
    xo, Jane


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