August 15, 2014

Mise En Dior Inspired Earrings

If I can't have them, I gotta diy them!

When I first saw the Mise en Dior tribal earrings, my jaw dropped down to the floor, seriously, and I thought they would look good on my new & stolen from mom, pearl necklace. I wished for them to have them so bad, always checking back the site and staring at it for hours. Then, I knew life's so cruel for a student who still depends on her parents plus doesn't have a bank account yet to get hers (I'm proud I don't have it).

But there are brilliant people out of there, including myself, that have made diy posts about them, and even youtube videos. I don't know if that's good or bad. Not having the original thing, making replicas, etc. At any rate, back to the diy topic, I googled about this "easy-diy", and read article per article, watched video by video.

And so, I was planning on making my own 'classic' creamy pearl double earrings, it happens that for a University project, I bought lots of pearls, as the crazy shopaholic I am, I bought them in two different colours and ended up using just less than 25 pearls. The others, well, they're still stored. (Next time, I'll think twice before spending my money)

Before all of this, I had on mind to make a jewerly set with those pearls but since I googled this, I knew I had to 'at least' try. So, back to the topic again, I was planning on making the classic double earrings in pearl, but the clear earring back didn't fit on it as it tends to have a oh, so-super-duper tiny hole. I just don't get it.

Anyway, I live in place where the street before where I live is what I call the 'main fashion street', you can find fabrics, gems, fabrics and gems and so on! I decided to head to all of those stores to find these little girls, you know, to try. And here it is the result. They look pretty cute but what I really don't like is that again little hole they have, that may make them interesting, different, oh you name it, but I really do not like it all. Also, the one that should be the earring, should be smaller, but the guy at the shop chose mistakenly the wrong one. So, I'm planning on maybe trying this for the second time and see how it goes. . . yes, with the pearls ones.

You can check this post out (it was very helpful for me... step by step, so that I could understand) or just get yourself the kit and make yours with other fun pearly projects.

Earrings: DIY - Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Mexico

PS 1: Sorry for my long 'Parla' (spanish word to say speech)
PS 2: The last photo did the justice and yes, they 'somehow' look cute.

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