January 19, 2015

Some thoughts — a healthier lifestyle

  Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle have always been very important to me.
— Stacy Keibler

This blog is also about lifestyle, but never shared a post on about it before until last year I did share of a very easy-peasy recipe, so on a personal note I wanted to share some random thoughts you know, talk about things that matter to me and that are not necessarily fashion or beauty related. . . What do you think about this? I'd so love to discuss these types of subjects with you all, exchange tips, ideas and even recipes when necessary, and also get to know us each other a little bit more. :) I'm all ears and love listening to you, well, reading your comments, but it's like I were actually listening to you, I guess you know what I mean. Hahaha! 

So, today I’d like to start first with healthy eating / clean eating. . . As you may / may not know, one of my 2015 goals were eating healthier, drinking more water and workout. Like said, this all came up to my mind some weeks before 2014 were going to an end, I thought that I didn't want to have another year, doing the same and not something different. The story? It all started when I was just a kid I couldn't be older than 8-9 years old, I remember saying:

  When I grow up, work and I'm also independent, I would like to pay a gym membership to workout, to keep my body shape and eat healthier

Weeks ago, (last year) I thought, why should I wait for it to happen, if I can make it now, if I really purpose to myself to reach that goal, why do we always have to wait until a family member gets sick and realize we’re having bad food habits? Why? - In my case, my dad who DOESN’T EAT candies or anything that contains sugar, has diabetes - I’m just like him, I rarely eat candies or an ice-cream. I just don’t like it but I know our body needs sugar every now and then.

I felt like I wanted to do something different for the very first time. And it was changing these bad habits of mine, I know, it’d be tough because nothing is easy, not even since I didn’t eat veggies and fruits nor drank plenty of water in fact I would last days without drinking any, I just did not like its taste, so simple. But on the bright side, changes are good, and better if they are related to your life and how to be healthy. It’s all for a good cause, it’s to eat/stay/be healthy. Have different lifestyle, that’s all that matters, right?

I would even spend hours looking on many tumblr sites for healthy recipes, not to mention my Pinterest is full of yummy recipes as well, they're so very eye-catching and felt like I really wanted to try them. Anyway, I said to myself, I wanted 2015 to be different, years ago, exactly a thought for 2013, I said:

  This new year is going to be about changes and challenges to me

And I have stick to that thought until today, I said the same and started 2015 off right, with a new mindset, and being healthier than ever. I started as of firstly, by trying veggies, I'm not into them or even fruits, I would barely or never eat them before, anyway, I started by changing the menu of my usual foods, and try different things, would have either salad for dinner, or salad with meat for lunch, or change the menu of my brekkie. I also started with fruits, I have always eaten pears, so would eat one a day, now I have lots of yummy goodies on the fridge, I have snacks after each meal (one after brekkie, and the other after lunch) and try my best to have dinner as early as possible. Back to the yummy goodies, my mom asked me to try fruits, same like veggies, to know which I liked more and which not. I have included as my snacks, green apple (which contains less sugar), pears, Greek yogurt, and now. . . Blueberries! I have seen it over net in different types of recipes and wanted to try them ever since, but had never eaten them before, yesterday I did some quick grocery shopping and bought a box. They taste so yummy, to me, they taste like grapes but are less too sugary, not too sweet I mean.

Also, my family think I'm dieting, but I'm actually not and this is something people should learn and know about as of first. Dieting is like being strict with yourself, not allowing yourself of eating such certain foods, etc, in my case I'm trying 'clean eating', eating healthier, you name it, I would have 5 o 6 'meals' a day, I would include veggies and fruits, and also would have a cheat meal a week, because it's not about being strict of not eating what you like the most, but trying to eat it with moderation, as a person who has never eaten healthy, I can tell you it was tough at the very first beginning but with a positive attitude and mindset you can reach that goal as well, and that's actually what I've done and couldn't be any prouder of it. To conclude, I hope this wasn’t too long, I tried to stay synthetic but I wanted to share a review that was actually as complete and sincere as possible and I'm not going to lie but I was longing to write and talk about it here on the blog for so long!

Now I’d like to hear what you think of this guys! Did you also decide to change your lifestyle onto a healthy one this new year or ? Tell me all about it! I also hope you guys will find this post inspiring, because to me, it couldn't be more inspiring for myself, like said, I'm proud of myself for doing this and I'm beyond happy to have reached that goal of mine! Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedbacks!:)

PS: I was having my post-workout snack when I took this photo! ;)

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  1. Oh, wow! This all seems to be an amazing journey so far and you're really proud of it! You go girl! I started eating healthier years ago, I also tried to be vegan but quit, but I have vegan recipes included on my meals every now and then, and I totally agree with you on why we should wait until one of our family members gets sick to be concious that we need to change our lifestyle onto a healthy one and/or stop having that same sedentary life! This was actually a very inspiring post, not to mention, you've always inspired me somehow, and yes, I would love to see more lifestyle posts! :) Have a very beautiful week ahead! XO

  2. Melissa, what a lovely post. I adore fruits and vegetables, I hope you can learn to love them as much as I do! They make up about 75% of my daily diet. I avoid processed carbs and stay away from gluten, personally they just bloat me and make me so lethargic, but I know that isn't the case for everyone. I could never become vegan, I enjoy meat as I exercise a lot and really, actually need it. And cheese? I LOVE CHEESE. No way could I be vegan! But proud of you babe, with positive changes come positive results. You are already a beautiful woman but the effects of a healthier life and habits will keep you younger forever. I know you are younger than me and probably don't worry about it all that much right now, as I didn't either. I smoked and drank like a fish for the first few years of my 20s and sadly those poor choices still show on my face! But a few years back, I ditched my bad habits and hoping that I can reverse some of the damage I did to my poor face and body!

  3. Oh, this is by far my favorite post of yours, Melissa! I love it! And you know, everyone starts off from the very beginning, it's good to know which vegetables and fruits you like the most and want to try on your salads and which as condiments. I'm so proud of you, you never stop to amaze me or inspire me, and I know this will bring you so many positive things and results which you'll love and also you'll learn to love and care about your body and appreciate it more, because it will thank you later, that's for sure! Can't wait to read more posts like this one, once again, I'm so very proud of you! In my case, I was raised by eating healthy but also have cheat meals every now and then, because like you said, eating healthy means eating with moderation not being strict. ;) Love that photo by the way, and also your photography skills! Kisses!

  4. I love how beautifully and sincere this post is! I just can say, that as a girl who's been a reader of your blog for so long, I feel so proud of you, and all of your achievements, and you have to know you'll have also my support. You wrote this post with so much proud, that I'm so happy for you to start and have a healthy lifestyle this new year, I know you will not regret, being healthy is one of the most beautiful things because you learn to care about your body and give it what it needs, like food, water, exercise, etc. I loved reading this post, and can't wait to read more like this one, this is the type of writing I look for in blogs, and this is what makes it unique and different because they're told from your inside, from the bottom of your heart! Also, I've a healthy lifestyle for a few years now, best decision I've ever taken and wouldn't regret it for anything in world. I also do workouts, sometimes I go jogging/running. I love my life how it is now and also I'm proud of it! :)

  5. Thank you so much Camille for your lovely and kind words, and also for sharing your 'lifestyle' experience with me. Oh, vegan? I've thought of being vegan but then, I realize how much I love meat, especially chicken, and can't give it a try! Haha - So happy to know it has inspired you, thank you so much again! You too have a wonderful week! XO


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