May 29, 2017

Current Style Inspiration

 When it comes to style ideas and outfit inspiration I'm more of a minimalist.  

...Yes, that's right. There was upon a time where I used to wear colourful clothing back when I were in my teenage years, as I got into Uni then I started finding myself and what I wanted to wear and so on, then I went all for neutral colours and not so much colour,back again in 2017, I'm still adding little by little colours. Truth is my style is almost a step closer of wearing exactly what I want to wear, it's like a inspiration goals, expectations vs reality, it always feel like that to be honest. 

As time starts to go by, I'm getting closer to finish my career to graduate and finally and hopefully get a job afterwards, I still try to find myself when it comes to what pieces I want to wear. Ever since I were a kid mom always used to inculcate me the 'less is more' and hey, that's my go to motto for everything, style, photography, designs, architecture, interiors, etc.

So, my expectations of how I'm trying - because yea, I'm trying - it's to dress and wear things like the ones below that feels like they fit me and go according to my style. 

I realized thanks to one of my Uni professors, that I can wear whatever I want to because I'm slim and everything might just look great on me, but honestly there are many things I would definitely not wear, like never in my life. 

Jeans are so essential in my day-to-day, at least as a Uni student, I can't live without them, truth is I own just two pair of jeans at the moment, got rid of so many a not so long while ago, need a boyfriend jeans and maybe a 501 pair of levi's

One of my favorite prints of all times are florals, I so love them and want to include and incorporate more in my outfits, especially now for 'summer' even though it's summer all year long in here. 

Culottes has been an essential and must-have in my wardrobe, I really love them and I don't care if you don't wear that anymore, I don't wear it because it's or it was on trend but because I found it so essential and I love wearing them, even for a casual occassion. 

And pants? Oh my, my favorites are high waisted classic pants, I own one in blue, and planning to get another one made in black colour and maybe just maybe a red one with gold buttons, I just need to find the perfect red colour. I honestly feel so comfortable wearing pants and jeans more than I do when wearing dresses and skirts, but hey, I still want to try and wear them more often. 

Yes, I got a similar skirt like this and planning to get a pair of trousers with the very same details, I simply love it and approve! 

Not a huge fan of bracelets but I'm all in for rings and earrings, even tho I wear the same earrings errrday.

Got two pair of shoes in less than a month and I want to get more, at least one or two more! 

To conclude, this has been some style inspiration that have inspired and writing this made me realize that I own and wear most of these stuff and plan on wearing them more often! 

Also, I could never live without colours, I realized that thanks to my IG feed, where there's always these minimal vibes with a hint of colour and that has to apply to clothes as well. 

Disclaimer: All photos were taken from reblogged posts on my tumblr blog, credits goes to their own respective owners

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and also have had a lovely weekend! Time to throw good vibes for the week ahead!

Until next time!!! xx


  1. I so love this post and the images and how you put everything! Good to know that you've found a style that describes you best! :) xx

    1. Thank you so Tuğba! I'm so happy to know you've loved this post and yes, I agree! Little by little you start realizing what you like and what you don't like! xx

  2. Love, love, love this post, probably one of my favorites! Also, I'm into delicate and statement jewellery as well! ♡

    1. Thank you so so so much Maria Paula! Hope you're doing well, sending lots of love to your way! xo

  3. Im obsessing over all these! The red floral blouse is so gorgeous!


    Novelstyle Blog

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Ileana! I know right, me too! I want to find a similar one, it's just so beautiful and perfect! I really need one! haha! xo

  4. Love this idea for a post, you get such a nice overview of all of your inspirations! Also I looove the florals.

    x Annabelle


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