December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Cartagena - 2012

Hello you guys! It's been so long since my first post, plus how weird I am, the first post was a hello and now I'm saying goodbye, but not to this blogging thing, I say goodbye to 2012, it was a very tough year for me if you ask me, not being able to go to University yet, not because I don't want to because this is something I actually want but have felt unsure about what to study and sometimes I feel down when my friends tell me their stories on about their University life, that makes me feel worst.
But in other news, positive things have happened as well, I enrolled myself in an English course which I have loved by far, I travelled to Cartagena after oh, so-many years, I in fact applied to work for a magazine but was oh, too-late anyway, that was a good step to me to do something like that. And that's why I'll work so hard on this blog and make it all happen, little by little of course.

I have no more left to say that I wish you all a Happy New Year!!! Hoping that all of you are partying & celebrating the last minutes or hours of what has been an amazing year. I also hope that next year brings you happiness, health, wealth and success all wrapped in one!!!

Here in colombia there are less than 11 hours to go. Bring on 2013! I'm going to spend it at my grandma's as today's her bday so we'll have a family get-together. Speak soon!!! Xo

September 21, 2012

January 23, 2012

Minty Nails

I'm so a huge fan of pretty in pastel nail polishes colours, in fact this mint one is my favorite so far, it makes my skin look paler than usual too and been sporting it since I got it!